IF YOU'RE A GEEK (like me)

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to answer to many questions i receive by mail or afer the shows here is my "live-act" stage set-up.


so (from left to right)

Mac book pro

Moog moogerfooger low-pass filter

in ear monitoring system

Midas Venice 32 (24 is enough...)

Boss RE-20 (delay pedal)

Korg Microkrog XL synth/vocoder

Boss Equalizer pedal

Sennheiser MD441 microphone (for vocoder)

Moog Little Phatty synth

Korg MS10 synth

Boss Turbo distortion pedal

TC Helicon vocal FX

Lexicon MX400 XL FX

Sure SM57 microphone (for "clear" vocals) 


off course those are only for "live" use, for studio use the Little Phatty is the worst Moog ever, the Boss delay pedal could never replace a space-echo, the Microkorg is usefull but sounds not crazy, but all of this is much more easy to control than all those lovely vintage keyboards and effects I use in the studio.

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